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TMJ Treatment

Do you often wake up with jaw pain that continues to cause discomfort throughout your day?

These symptoms may signify temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) and can be relieved with dental intervention.

The dentists at Foothill Dental in Salt Lake City, UT, provide TMJ treatment and relief for TMD patients.

Temporomandibular Joint Illustrated

Take a closer look at how the temporomandibular joint functions.

A misaligned bite causes chronic tension and pain in the muscles around the jaw. Tension from TMD radiates down the neck to the rest of the body. The cartilage in the jaw becomes misshapen and displaced over time. If the cartilage deteriorates, the jawbone will grind against the skull.

Understanding TMJ Disorders

TMJ disorders cause the tissues that control jaw movement to become inflamed and can hinder the smooth movement of the jaw joint. This disorder can relate to bone, cartilage, nerves, or muscles and can cause prolonged pain and discomfort for the TMD patient.

There are many potential causes of TMJ disorders. Your genetics can carry down a TMD or it can be a symptom of another disorder, like arthritis. Your oral health can also play a part in the development of TMD. Dental trauma and clenching or grinding teeth can cause excessive strain to TMJs. Two particularly common causes of TMD are crooked teeth and a misaligned bite. Over time, these dental concerns can lead to unnecessary strain on your jaw joints, but a bite alignment can fix them and alleviate your symptoms.

Common Signs That You Have a TMJ Disorder

  • Popping or clicking in your jaw

  • Jaw locking up

  • Limited movement of the lower jaw

  • Headaches or migraines

  • Difficulty chewing or eating

  • Aching muscles in neck and back

Treatments to Help TMJ Patients

If you suffer from a TMJ disorder, our dental staff at Foothill Dental in Salt Lake City, UT, can help you find relief through different treatments. 

Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are a standard solution for TMD patients to wear during the day. A mouth guard acts as a splint for your jaw. This splint can help patients who clench their jaw when under stress.

Night Guards

If your jaw pain is heightened in the morning, it may be due to a tendency to clench or grind your teeth at night. If our dentists determine this to be the root of your TMD, a night guard can help alleviate TMJ symptoms and act as a splint for your jaw. 


BOTOX® can relax tense jaw muscles to alleviate jaw pain and clenching. In this application, BOTOX does not provide a cosmetic change to the face, only therapeutic relief for the temporomandibular joints

Bite Adjustments

Fixing an underbite, overbite, or the contour of your teeth can help TMD patients. Patients may be able to receive Invisalign® to correct the alignment of their bite to make the upper and lower jaws meet comfortably. Custom crowns can also help your upper and lower jaws to meet properly if certain teeth are underdeveloped or compromised.

Misaligned Bite A Before and After Look

Teeth meet during activities like eating, smiling, and speaking. A misaligned bite in which your top and bottom teeth don’t meet properly causes strain on the jaw and TMJs, potentially leading to a TMD. By shifting the teeth and jaws into an aligned position, the symptoms of TMJ may fade.

Before TMJ Treatment
After TMJ Treatment

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Drs. Matt Stohl and David Stohl at Foothill Dental Associates are board-certified and capable of providing the relief you need. Our practice has been around for over three decades and stays up to date with the latest technology and dental procedures. Relax in our luxury amenities and know you're in safe hands when visiting Foothill Dental in Salt Lake City.

Relief is right around the corner, and early intervention can help you avoid the need for invasive surgeries and high procedure costs down the line. Fill out our contact form or call us to request a consultation at our Salt Lake City office:

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Foothill Dental is fantastic! The office has a warm and caring environment and the dental care is terrific. Rafael went the extra mile to make things happen for us before we were part of the practice and did even more throughout the course of the treatment plan. Dr. Bailey and her team were talented, thoughtful and incredibly kind. It made all the difference.

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This was the best dental experience I have ever had... I come in and they made a complete game-plan for me and got to work. They are fast, efficient and friendly. I didnt realize how much my mouth was bothering me, but I'm half way done and I don't even get headaches anymore throughout the week. My bite sits comfortably, and they always make sure to do everything right down to the T...

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Steps in TMJ Treatment

TMJ treatment is unique for each patient, but your timeline may involve these steps:

Our board-certified dentists can provide you with effective relief.
Our board-certified dentists can provide you with effective relief.


Our Utah dentists will inquire about your symptoms and concerns to grasp an overall view of your situation. This consultation will give your doctor a good idea of treatment plans going forward.


Next, our dentists will examine your case using state-of-the-art technology to get an in-depth look at your condition. Here we can determine a custom treatment plan that works for you.


Lastly, our dentists will create a custom treatment plan to solve your TMD. The treatment options are surgical and nonsurgical, depending on the severity of the temporomandibular disorder.

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I’ve had a great experience with Foothill Dental so far with straightening my teeth. David is awesome and is amazing at explaining the steps of your treatment. Super friendly staff as well. Thank you!

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To start, Heather has the best customer service you’ll find! Thank you Heather. Super friendly staff. The easiest dental care provider in Salt Lake! I won’t be going anywhere else.

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